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  • April 10, 2023
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Video Marketing Ideas: How to promote your video content

Video Marketing is a great means to promote or market your brand, product, or service through a Business Video. Videos are the most engaging form to tell a story about your business because it is estimated that people will spend at least a few minutes watching videos every day. It is a known fact that billions of people spend their time watching videos on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Creating a great video takes talent, time, and expenses, but marketing a video is a whole new level.

Few Video Marketing Ideas to promote your content.

  • Video Thumbnail:

Having an engaging thumbnail for your video will drive the audience to watch the video. You should make sure that the thumbnail is related to your content. Some people suggest that a video with a smiling person’s image is a great way because people relate to people. For example, if you see a book with some boring text on the cover will you open that book or the other with a person smiling at you?

So make a video with the smiling thumbnail you can see the increase in the number of views.

  • Adding a share button to your video:

It is a known fact that sharing the video on social media will give us great reach as many people tend to start their days opening Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. If you publish your video on your website make sure you have added the necessary social share buttons. You should make that your video is getting shared easily on social media platforms.

  • Ask your friends, colleagues, and family to share your video:

To get more attention to your videos, you should ask friends, colleagues, family members, and industry people. Because you never who is connected with a person related to your business/brand. You can even ask your close contacts to share your video. You can even pitch your video at an event also.

  • Email Marketing:

Emails are great to connect with people, you can share the video link to your email contacts with a subject line simply “Video”. Adding a thumbnail to your email can increase the engagement rate.

  • Use social media to run paid video campaigns:

As you have seen some free ways to promote your videos, it is time to spend some cash on video campaigns on Twitter, Face book and YouTube. It actually doesn’t cost you much; you can target the video to the specified people by using the campaign settings, which will generate great ROI.

  • Pin your video on top of your social media platforms:

Pinning a video on top of your social media platforms will increase the engagement of your video. For example, if you pin a tweet on your company profile or your own, this tweet doesn’t get lost because you new tweets you post consistently. This is an easy and free way to drive more engagement for your video.

  • Share your videos in the online communities:

To share your videos on online communities, you need to join them on Facebook groups, Twitter chat, LinkedIn group, Reddit, Quora, and many more. You need to actively participate in conversations and help out others as well. You can share your video as an answer when someone asks a question related to your content.

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