Google Ranking Factor:

Google ranking factor is a criterion applied by Google when evaluating the websites. Google has almost 3.5 billion searches in its search engine all over the world. It is important to understand the ranking factors because you were not able to get a good rank on google, all the effort will go in vain.

It is well known that Google uses more than 200 factors for ranking in their search algorithm. Some of them are proven while some are controversial. Instead of going through all of them we put together a few factors which are enough to successfully land your website on the first page of google search.

However, getting a good rank on Google is not an easy game to win. Google is continuously making changes to its search algorithm because of the SEO strategies. The strategies build by the SEO may work for some time and might fail today. It may affect your search visibility and ranking.

To find out what is best for your business you should continue research and experiment to find out the best SEO strategies. We need to take notice that the success of SEO is not confined to a single factor, it is a combination of various other factors.

In this blog, we will explain our top 10 Google ranking factors.

Top 10 Google ranking factors:

Page Loading Speed:Google uses the Chrome user data to get an insight on a page’s loading time. By using this they can measure how quickly a page actually loads to users. There are many websites that take very little time to load. If your websites take more time to load you may lose your ranking. Because the users may shift to other websites as it is not loading quickly. As a result, you may lose your customers and also website ranking as well.

You can check your page speed on PageSpeed Insights and work on the technical part to get better ranking.

Content is King:It is undeniable fact the content is king for successful SEO. You need to optimize your content if you want to get a good ranking position.

It is impermeable that the content should have high accuracy on the data. You should get your data from reliable sources and cross-check the details before publishing them to your website.

The focus should also be on creating content that is rich and grammatically correct.

The content should be valuable and unique, which will attract most of the visitors. It has been observed that if you satisfy the user with the right info there is a high chance that the user may return to gather information on another topic as well.

It is a fact that copied and duplicate content will affect the SEO of the website very badly. Another fact is that the overstuffing of the keywords in the content is also bad for SEO.

Mobile compatibility for website:The websites should have mobile compatibility to attract more users as there is a significant amount of users who prefer mobile over laptops/desktop because of its portability and ease of access. Hence it is mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website to get more attention from the users which will enhance your business growth.

There are few mobile ranking factors such as website loading speed, readability of content, accessibility, page layouts, and accelerated mobile pages.

Technical SEO:There are a few technical factors that will help you rank better. Technical SEO refers to optimizing your website for crawling and indexing. Having a sitemap for the website will help google to know that new content is updated on the site.

Broken links are not good for the health of the website and SEO results as well. These broken links will redirect the user to the 404 page, which is bad user experience. So you need to check and remove all these pages.

Duplicate pages should exist on your website, you should keep one page and the other should be redirected so that users are not lost.

You should use proper alt tags for the images as google cannot read them. If your website doesn’t load images it will work as a replacement. You can also add a keyword in the alt tag which will serve better optimization.

The pages on your website should have meta descriptions so that the users can easily find out what is the blog about.

The URL structure will also play a good role in ranking. The users can easily understand what the blog is all about by simply looking at the URL.

For Video marketing there is a larger scope you can upload your videos on Youtube, Social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter. You can increase engagement can use effective thumbnails for your videos.

Increasing the domain authority with quality links:Getting quality links to your website will increase your website authority which will help you with better SEO. However excessive links will have a negative impact on your website. So you should link your website with a high authority website with the same niche. You should give links to the website that will add value to the information you are providing.

Earning links from quality websites will increase the chances of getting a good rank in search results. Inbound links to a website will notify the search engines of its authority. So it’s important to have the best link building tactics in 2020.

Secured Websites: It is important for websites to have SSL certificates because secured websites are not liable for hacking. Hackers can steal important user data from insecure websites. Secure websites will have a competitive edge over others.

Social Shares: Getting social shares from users can get you more reach, but you can’t force someone to share the blog. Creating quality content will have chances to generate social shares. If the content has great value people will share it with others. Social sharing will maximize your brand reach and others also have the opportunity to know about you.

Make sure that your blog has a social sharing option so that it can spread widely. If the website gets traffic from other platforms, Google will consider it and improve the website ranking.

Keyword Research: If you want your website to get a good rank in search results, you should consider keyword research as an important factor for SEO. The basic steps of SEO start from finding the audience and what do they search for and which keywords they use in a search. You can use keyword planner to understand the search pattern of the users.

There are different kinds of keywords such as :

  • Long-tail keyword
  • Short tail keyword
  • Short term fresh keyword
  • Long term evergreen keyword
  • Product defining keyword
  • Consumer defining keyword
  • Geo-targeting keyword
  • Latent semantic indexing LSI keyword
  • Intent Targeting keyword

Structured Data: Structured data is also popularly known as schema mark up. Schema mark up is a code that you can put on your website to help the search engines to return informative results for the users. The schema will generate enhanced description which is known as a rich snippet. It will make the website more prominent and noticeable and enhanced visibility will have more CTR.

The schema also allows you to add images, phone, location, reviews, etc.

User Experience:Google makes the user experience a top factor for ranking. The websites should have easy navigational access to users. Users must be able to find the path to go back, it should not be like playing hide and seek.

Content placing must be in an organized way for better user understanding. Proper headings will make the content valuable.

Mobile-friendliness, loading speed, text, images will also contribute to the great user experience.

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