How to attract students for admissions in schools/colleges using digital marketing?


It is a never-ending task for the schools/colleges to find new students for the upcoming academic year. We know that schools/colleges will heavily rely on newspaper ads, flyers, direct mail or huge billboards to get noticed. But these techniques involve lots of expenditure, but there is no way to find Return on Investment. So let’s discuss how digital marketing will help you find more admissions.
With the help of Digital marketing strategies, We can easily target your audience based on location. Moreover, it is cheaper when compared to the traditional techniques.

Digital marketing tips to increase admissions for schools/colleges: 1) Website:

You need to build a website for school/college to attract the customer who searches for educational institutes near to them. On your website, you can maintain all the details about your institute and the success stories of your students.

It should be mobile responsive as a lot of parents tends to search online. You should make sure that your website loads faster online, because it leaves a positive impression for parents. Make sure that your website navigation is easy as the parents need to understand what the school is all about.

2) Improve organic reach with SEO:

Once you create a website, you should make sure that your school is coming up in search results for proper keywords. For that, you need to understand what an SEO means and create strategies to rank your school for the keyword phrases. The keywords phrases should include your locality as parents tend to search for schools based on the locations.

3)Google Ad-words:

However, if you need faster results you can opt for search engine marketing using Adwords. Using Adwords, you can advertise the parents when they are searching for the keywords.

You need to plan a successful campaign that will generate more leads to you. Make sure that the ads are coming up in the appropriate locations and demographics.

4) Social Media Presence:

Social media is a good place to build your branding, as it has a good reach to your customers. You can post your daily activities, photos, promotional videos on social media. Having a brand profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest is the best way to make your presence online.

You just need to create quality content that is share-worthy so that you can get more engagement and organic reach for your posts.

5) Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising is a great way to target your customers. Facebook is a great place for businesses and brands to create online groups and pages for your brand. Using Facebook ads you can boost your posts to get more reach in the targeted location and demographics.

6) Email Newsletters:

Email newsletters are a low cost and promotional communication tool. You can send monthly or weekly newsletters to the parents. You can build email contact through the website contact page. You can also implement automation for the emails as well.

7) YouTube:

Online videos are a great way for powerful communication. Creating a video involves some cost production and editing, but you can share it with a mass audience with no cost involved.

You can even upload the video on the YouTube platform and create your own channel for your school. You can also upload your school events videos to the channel.

8) Blog:

Blogging is the perfect tool for creating a knowledge base about your school on the search engine. Your School Teachers and Principal can contribute few blog post which can provide valuable information to the parents.

You can also encourage your students to write guest posts on your school blog and you can even start competitions for students. Blogging will help the students to develop student journalism prospects and add promotional value to the school as the students published them.

These are some of the topics that came to our mind but there are more of them to do. At Sunraise Solutions , we help you create power branding tools for your schools/colleges.


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